Far From Right VI

As I hit the low,

Paper lanterns hanging from the ceiling,

Sticky Stars have grown,

Mapping out some constellation,

And I’m trying to figure out what’s right,

Outside my window,

But my bible grows,

To the end of my imagination.


Pleasure to behold,

Silhouette so real but oh so static,

Because you’re in control,

It’s down the hatch,

Its offer only tragic,

And I’m trying to figure out what’s right,

I stay gold,

But she doesn’t know,

But she wished that she still had it.


It’s not right, you don’t stop writing but I,

Only feel that it will find me,

It’s not right it don’t sound right for me,

I think that no one will find me,

It’s not right, it don’t sound right

Nobody will find me,

It’s not right I’m your lone satellite yeah,

It’s not right,

It’s not right.




#38 The Hottest Woman In Kpop

I find many women kpop idols attractive, but I could never choose the best. It was always a toss up between 3 or 4. Lee Hyeri of Girls Day has taken the assumed position of the hottest kpop idol but, after watching a certain video it made me question is she anything to even be compared to the hotness of who I’ve just seen? 

This certain person, I’ve always found attractive who stood out but was never “up to the standard of Lee Hyeri”. Trust me, it will make you rethink your whole attitude to the way you look at kpop idols. 

Check out the mesmerising video! http://youtu.be/qCYFE3VxIuU

#37 Male Fan Runs On Stage To Dance With Girl’s Day

Girl’s Day recently preformed their great single “Darling” two weeks ago. Hyeri wasn’t present because she was filming for Replay 1988. But someone came in to take her place. 

A rather strange but really funny event. A male fan emerged from the crowd to join Girl’s Day in their song. 

Check it out it’s quite amusing! 😂 http://youtu.be/Q4V_GOM0joo

#36 The Science of Attraction 

If you strip it all down, attraction on a primal level is the instinct of a suitable mate. It’s the urge to pursue the person in hope to know if that person is suited to you. But in today’s world things are a lot more complicated, but are they all as complicated as we think they are? 

First of all, I believe once you find someone attractive, no matter how badly they treated you in the past or how many times they’ve turned you away. You will always still feel attracted to that person because the instinct doesn’t care about how you emotionally care about them, and it’s unfortunate too because if they wanted to be all over you, nearly 90% of people in the world would let them. 

For example. Some people never become really attractive until their late teens ( I am 16 ). Some people won’t ever notice this person until they do. And before you know it they have all the opposite gender trying hard to get with that person. Two things can come out of this. 1. Her confidence rockets and he/she becomes too much for him/herself. 2. They could maintain there same character but believe it or not, this makes them less valuable on the ” chain of lust “. 

But I definitely believe people are a lot more open to who they find attractive. The best looking of the two genders don’t just go for eachother. It may sound like your typical fairy tale but I believe both sexes have a 60% attraction percentage to the opposite sex who are the same age as them, give or take about 3 years. 

Call me crazy, but I believe it’s true. Comment your thoughts below! 

#35 Recent Tensions Between North And South Korea

The world watched as both North and South Korea traded short artillery fire on the De-Militarised Zone ( DMZ ) two weeks ago. Tension between both countries has been very high due to two South Korean soldiers also being blown up by a land mine on the DMZ. 

After the South hailed it’s propaganda messages over the DMZ in hope the brainwashed civilians of the North would listen, the South Korean military detected a small bogey ( possibly a rocket ) targeting the DMZ. The South’s military quickly responed with short artillery fire which was met by the North placing the country in a “semi state of war”. 

Shortly after tensions relaxed in the week gone, the North are still continuing to scare monger the South Korean defence ministry. It was announced that 70% of North Korea’s naval fleet have gone off radar. Spiking a constant watch of the Korean shores. 

Although it is thought that they have gone back to pen, no one knows of their whereabouts because they are so hard to detect. In the past week, South Korea have also improved relations greatly with China which is a move in the isolation of North Korea’s greatest military friend. It seems that North Korea will continue scare mongering but the South aren’t afraid anymore. 

What’s your opinion on this topic? Comment below! 

#34 Girl’s Day Underwear Controversy 

Girl’s Day have sparked a lot of negative events over the past few weeks with back to back controversies, but this one is slightly ridiculous. Many Kpop fans are saying Girl’s Day are intentionally ( and inappropriately ) showing off their panties as a publicity stunt. 

Many of the Girl’s Day defenders of the argument say it’s non intentional and that it’s just something harmless. Which I will agree on. I never understood to whole ” blanket over the lap” when female Kpop artists are being interviewed. I always found that a bit ridiculous. 

I don’t find it to be much of a controversy and the argument seems to be very weak. All though, all the same it shows Girl’s Day are not afraid to possibly go against that silly blanket culture. I believe that’s what’s to fault for this problem. 

Netizens around the issue are wondering what the problem is. But knowing that Girl’s Day are quickly becoming a very hot press girl group along comes certain controversy still either slow down their progression or to blacken the Girl’s Day name by fans of other groups. 

What’s your opinion on this controversy? Leave a comment! 

#33 Changing Times

I’m going back to school this Tuesday coming and because of busy schedules and study I’ll be limited on how much I can post. 

Because I am going to be restricted on how much time I can spend writing I will post two topics every Saturday. I will continue to work hard and have good content so don’t lose faith in me! 

Anyway because I have all week to plan the two will be long, detailed and very interesting topics you will enjoy I can assure you of it. I’m sorry to you who follow me but unfortunately I can’t do anything about it. 

If you wish to ask me about any of this, please comment below! 

#32 Contact Between Opposite Sexes In Korea

Contact between different sexes in Korea is something that’s very debatable at the moment. Korean’s are starting to change their view on what’s right and what’s too far for couples to do more so in public because everything’s alright in doors.  

Things such as hugging and overall close contact between friends of different sexes that is considered normal is considered sexual in much of the Korean opinion. From a young age kissing between people were never talked about or seen on television because they were censored. So a lot of petty sexual activity was unseen and very much so unexplored until when many Koreans reach their early 20’s. 

“Skinship” as it’s called is always changing. I believe hugs between different sexes is becoming more popular in Korea with out having any sexual connotation. In We Got Married (WGM, previously written on) shows that even though the couple are only artificially married for entertainment purposes, small things like hand holding and cuddling was seen as an a task even though in Europe or America much of this is okay for different sexes to do as just friends. 

I don’t believe in any country something like hugging or hand holding has a sexual connotation because it shows a deep friendship between different sexes but not exactly relationship wise. I’m sure Korean society will change it’s views on this soon. 

What’s your opinion on skinship? Comment your thoughts!

#31 Korean Elder Tradition 

The elder tradition in Korea is both very important in Korean culture but seems to lead to problems in modern society. Yes, well when people say “respect your elders” you should do so, but when counting people that are a year or two older then you as your elders, some people may take advantage of this. 
Foreign people don’t really need to know about the “Unnie and Oppa” tradition because it only lasts between Korean people mostly. But if you’re very close with certain Korean people and you are near to fluent in Korean they may tell you it’s alright to call then oppa and unnie and not to be an awkward scenario. 

The problem with the tradition is that people will do near to anything if their elder tells them to and it’s so common to be used as an excuse if the elders want to go to say a prostitution parlour. Often the younger people will say “well, my elder told me to and I couldn’t say no”. If they were to say no they would say something like “why would you disrespect me or why are you ruining the fun?” 

So the younger people are really pushed to abide by what the elder people say. Sometimes the younger people really don’t want to do what they say but because they’re the elders they should do. I don’t really get it, but it’s starting to create a few problems now. 

What’s your opinion on this topic? Comment below! 

#30 Fear Of Korean Food

I’m Irish, I’m used to my typical savoury dinners such as roast beef and pasta. Nothing really spicy and although we have your typical salmon and cod, there’s not many fish dishes. 
That’s my problem, if I wish to go to Korea I don’t want to go to takeaways. I like rice, but I’m just unsure whether some things, rather, everything will fit to my taste. 

I know I know I’ll find something I like but I have a problem with trying food to be fair even when I can’t understand what the dishes contain. Y’see one thing that’s a huge barrier in trying food is that a nice percent of Korean use peanut sauce. I have a peanut allergy although I’m not incredibly allergic it would put me in hospital. 

If you have any information on this, please leave a comment!